Privacy Statement

[as of April 1, 2016]

This Privacy Statement describes our practices regarding information we gather from you while you visit Duna Electronics websites via

As a wholesaler Duna Electronics provides products and services to resellers and retailers. In order to better serve these customers, the majority of the content provided on our website is password-protected to enable a true business-to-business environment.

The Information We Collect
For all visitors to, Duna Electronics collects general data pertaining to each website visitor, such as the visitor's IP address, operating system, browser type and version number, and the webpages viewed, including navigation paths, advertisements selected and promotions clicked. While your site behavior characteristics are individually traceable, they are aggregated and tracked with all other visitor information.

For our registered customers, in addition to the information we collect for all visitors, site behavior characteristics tracked and aggregated include business transactions conducted, and depending upon your business structure, may include personal data such as your name, account information and your designated email address.

Use of the Information Collected
While the information that we collect enables us to offer better service, we may use the data for other purposes. Duna Electronics doesn’t share any information it collects with other parties including its business partners, suppliers and financial institutions. However Duna Electronics may disclose information in response to subpoenas, governmental requests or other legal process or to otherwise protect Duna Electronics’ legal or contractual obligations. 

On your first and subsequent visits to Duna Electronics' website, we may issue one or more cookies, small files stored on your computer's hard drive, in order to simplify and ease your continued use of There are a variety of cookies used that serve various purposes including but not limited to establishing your personal preferences while visiting our website. 

If you want to opt out of cookie tracking, simply disable cookies from your browser settings to match the level of privacy that you desire. 

Note: different browsers utilize different ways to configure cookie settings. For help with different browser settings and cookies, refer to the browser sites below: 

Internet Explorer

Caution: If you are a registered customer and choose to disable cookie settings, you will be unable to transact business online with Duna Electronics.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
Duna Electronics reserves the right to change its practices concerning information gathered from visitors to its Web site. If such changes occur, this Privacy Statement will be updated.

Duna Electronics welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Statement; please contact us by email.