Xiaomi Power Bank Redmi 10.000 mAh Black EU VXN4305GL

Brand new original, retail pack

EAN: 6934177716881


  • Your perfect travel companion: The new Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) is light, convenient and portable. The dual USB outports support multiple charging protocols, making it a partner in your travels that won't let you down.
  • Dual USB outports 10000mAh: One port just isn't enough for all your charging needs The power bank is equipped with two USB outports. The ports not only use more precise circuit controls, they also ensure that two smart devices can be sufficiently charged at once.
  • High charging efficiency: Power output as high as 18W The Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) can charge at up to 18W (12V, 1.5A/9V, 2.0A), cutting back significantly on charging time.
  • Supports multiple charging protocols: Charges phones faster Rapidly charges devices using two outports that support multiple charging protocols with output up to 14W. When outputting charge simultaneously, each port can reach 5V/2.4A at a combined 15W. This is a power bank charges fast and charges smart.
  • 10000mAh capacity meets your daily needs: Actual capacity of 6500mAh, a conversion rate of 90% The Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) can charge your devices with an actual capacity of 6500mAh, providing your phone, tablet or digital camera with lasting charge time.
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